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Live Event Streaming

Whether you are a business entrepreneur wanting to explode your sales by reaching mass audiences, or an individual wanting to share a precious life moment with your loved ones (such as a wedding, family reunion or graduation to name a few) we broadcast you LIVE over the internet directly to your desired audience anywhere in the world!

Live Corporate Training

Want a faster way to communicate with your employees? We broadcast business trainings, meetings and events, saving the heavy expense of corporate travel, hotels, meals & inconvenience. Communicate more effectively with your entire company by being everywhere at once with a live broadcast.

Multicast Marketing

Having a great idea is only the first step. Sharing your idea via the social network sites can bring you more notoriety, customers and sales. We make it easy to share your vision, idea, product or service all over the internet. A strategic social media campaign can help you take advantage of existing networks to meet and exceed your marketing goals.

Our Services

All of our packages come specifically designed for your needs.

  • Special event live streaming
  • Corporate training live streaming
  • Social media blasts
  • Product video creation
  • Commercial video production

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